• Aluminum Tent #T-3030A

    Highest quality materials, maximum durability and ease-of-use
    have made the folding tents perfect tools of effective promotions
    during various outdoor events.
    Their structures are lightweight and easy to assemble.
    The frame is made of anodized aluminium profile or
    of stainless steel. Scissorred set is with height adjustment.
    The roof is made from polyester fabric 220 g/m2,
    with industrial full color printing /720 dpi/
    and high UV resistance.
    Coated with UV stabilized acrylic dispersion.
    Waterproof, water-repellent, anti mildew.


    W – 3,00 m
    L – 3,00 m
    H – 3,15/3,42 m

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    PDF blueprint